The antidote to cranial rectal insertion in the academic world


Acadenema came about simply as a forum to record thoughts on the state of UK Higher Education.  You only need to look at the letters pages of THE (Time Higher Education) to see that sometimes, some academics (none of my colleagues, of course!) seem to have unrealistic and impractical ideas of what Higher Education is for, and how it should be run. They also whinge an awful lot.

This blog doesn’t aim to be a solution, merely a way to flush out some of the ideas and opinions that seem to permeate UK universities (in particular), and to help fuel debate.

I welcome guest bloggers from any side of the fence.

I am often wrong. When people correct me, that’s when I learn.

Note: I will try not to make this blog simply more whinging about the whingers.

You can find out more about me at my other blog:



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